Oxxo Gas

I can’t end this 2016 without talking about this, the new identity for the Mexican gas stations “Oxxo Gas”, which is part of the company Oxxo, the largest chain of convenience stores in Mexico owned by FEMSA -the largest franchise bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world by volume.

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Fanta New Identity and Packaging

For the 9th time in its history, Fanta, the famous orange flavored drink from The Coca-Cola Company, has renewed its image in order to connect with a younger and teenage audience, though it has been launched only in 4 European countries – Italy, Poland, Serbia, and Malta- so far, but it is expected to become the international image of the product.

The redesign keeps its young and fun personality and involves a complete change in its logotype and packaging, the latter being the real surprise for everyone due its uncommon shape.

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