One thought on “Mexico City Airport’s Logo Contest Fail

  1. You sir, are completely right in everything said in your post… the joke of the prize, the importance of the project and the way the graphic design is treated… All of this is thanks to the “lack of education” we have here in Mexico, where everybody thinks that Graphic Design is cheap and easy to do, so they pay inferior amounts of money.

    Roshfrans (Comercial Roshfrans is a 100% Mexican Company, devoted to the formulation, manufacturing and commercialisation for lubricant oils and greases, for their automotive and industrial usage) made a similar contest to redesign its logo… the prize? $1’000,000.00 MX

    I am not saying it’s OK to do these kind of contests, it’s just to point out the difference in the amount of the prize and when you take in consideration that one contest is from a company and the other is from the Most Important Airport in the country, then you begin to wonder what is wrong with the people…

    Go figure…


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