Super Bowl 2017 Ads

It is that time of the year again when American companies take money out from their pockets and fight to get a spot between the Super Bowl plays. This year the price for a 30 seconds’ tv spot was $5 million, and that’s only for airing the commercial, now imagine what these companies spent by casting of celebrities, adding digital effects, and the pre and post-production production, a 2017 Super Bowl ad can easily top $10 million.

And with this increase in price, expectations also increase, it is getting harder and harder for brands to get noticed and create buzz on social media – which is another platform (and cost) that they need to constantly monitor during and before the game – that is why some companies start to release some sneak peeks of their ads to create excitement and expectations weeks before the big game, like KIA did with this year’s ad featuring Melissa McCarthy; or there is also another option, which is creating an extended version of the tv ad for social media, like 84 lumber did by adding at the end of its commercial the phrase “See the conclusion at” where viewers could watch a 5 minute director’s cut of the controversial ad, worth to mention that after the ad, Lumber’s website crashed because of the number of visitors.

superbowl myfopinion ads 2017 commercials.png

We all know that these ads are meant to sell and create brand awareness, but it seems that nowadays these expensive spots are the perfect opportunity to show the company’s values and send a message to the world, of course there are still those funny ads that we all need to relax and that give us a break from our busy environment, however, the ads that generate more buzz are those that touch our hearts and make us feel understood and connected with the brands.

Each year it looks like all the brands get together before producing their ads and decide which topic or social problem they are going to attack, and this year there is no doubt that the main topic for the SuperBowl was inclusion, politics, and patriotism (No wonder why), but there were also other ads that focused on making us feel better, just like Lady Gaga said during her amazing performance.

But well... That’s my F Opinion

So enough with the chit-chat, here is my personal curation from 2017’s Super Bowl tv commercials, without a particular order.

“Restaurant” & “Food Truck””
Agency: Hone

If you are familiar with YouTube ads, I’m sure that you have watched or at least noticed the ads of the chef creating his website, so for the Super Bowl commercial the brand created an extended version of each one of them and interconnected the ads with an action story. A round of applause of how they managed this! I wasn’t expecting it at all, and it is great!

“We accept”
Agency: TBWA

Airbnb surprised everyone with a last minute commercial that stands for accepting everyone regardless their ethnicity, sexuality, gender, or religion. Very simple ad with a direct message and great execution.

“Old West”
Agency: BBDO

Snickers knows that making these commercials is getting more difficult year after year, that is why they approach this year ad in a different way, they created live tv commercials! Ads created in real time during the Sunday’s game! And it is because of this new approach that made it to my list.

Michelob ULTRA
“Our bar”
Agency: FCB

What are CrossFit Games champions Dan Bailey, Becca (Voigt) Miller, and Kristan Clevere doing in a beer commercial? Discover it by yourself, and hopefully, you will have the same “Ohhh!” reaction that I had. I loved that they took a completely different way of advertising a beer.

“Born The Hard Way” 
Agency: Anomaly

Even though Ricardo Marques, Budweiser’s vice president of marketing, said that this ad was not about immigrating but about effort, hard work, and persistence; the commercial was taken by the public as a political statement due to the recent events in the U.S. and everyone was talking about it even before the game.

Agency: Wunderman, 180LA, and Razorfish

Cheers for Expedia for moving into the emotional side of advertising. Right before the halftime show Expedia used its tv spot to send a message about being open minded and stop the prejudice of other cultures.


Second time in the Super Bowl and they killed it with this commercial showing the diversity of the American homes.

“Hero’s journey”
Agency: David&Goliath

For the 8th year in a row, KIA was part of the SuperBowl, and this time with a series of teasers to create expectations and a final commercial starring one of my favorite comedians, Melissa McCarthy. Finally a non-political ad.

“Man and machine”
Agency: Team One

One of my favorites! The takes and the edition is beautiful, Second 0.32!!. Featuring the British actress Minnie Driver and dancer Charles Lil’ Buck Riley.

“Easy Driver”
Directed by Coen Brothers

Directed by the Oscar-winning directors the Coen Brothers and starring Peter Fonda, Mercedes-Benz is celebrating the 50th anniversary of their Mercedes-AMG sports brand with this fun and energetic ad. Also announced by a series of teasers, I’m telling you, brands really want these ads to pay off.

“Justin Timberlake”
Agency: Bai Brand Experience Group

Ok, this is here for two things, one, because this is the way to associate pop culture with a brand, and second, because Justin Timberlake is a major shareholder in the company, so…

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Following the theme of its Christmas ad (, Audi came back for the 9th time and now with a very clear and powerful message for these times when women are still fighting for equality.

Agency: RPA

Other of my favorites! Fun + Emotional, great combination and a great cast: Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Magic Johnson, Steve Carell, Missy Elliot, Stan Lee, Jimmy Kimmel and Viola Davis.

“Not so pee wee football”
Agency: Leo Burnett

This ad is not the greatest of all time, but I decided to feature it here because it kind of reminds me of the Snickers ad. What do you think? For me it can perfectly be in the Snickers portfolio.

“Halftime bathroom break”
Agency: Grey

The only thing I’m going to say about this ad is: Great consumer insight.

Mr. Clean
“Cleaner of Your Dreams”
Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto

Amazing! This is how you bring back a brand from the tomb. This is the first time Mr. Clean is in the Super Bowl, and he nailed it with those sexy dance moves; but actually, the real message of this ad is to encourage men to join the cleaning tasks of their homes because there is nothing sexier than a man cleaning.

“Go further”
Agency: GTB

The future is here! And ford knows it, and they also know that airing an ad before the Big Game is cheaper, that is why the released their commercial between the coin toss and the opening kickoff.

“I need you”

C’mon Michelin!! You almost had it and you let it go! Someone needs to tell the creatives behind this tv spot that they don’t need to put the logo everywhere, they just cut all the mood of the storytelling.

84 Lumber
“The journey”
Agency: Brunner

One of the most controversial and most successful ads for a brand during this Super Bowl, 84 Lumber aired a $15 million and 90-second ad spot that ended with an unconcluded story that viewers could finish watching at 84 Lumber’s website… Lumber’s website crashed because of the number of visitors. Worth to watch it.

And finally, the tv spot that the NFL banned!

Agency: Bullish

I’m sure you didn’t watch this ad during the game, guess why? Because it was banned by the NFL because unfortunately, 3% of GNC’s products include ingredients that are banned by the NFL.


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