Whatssap iOS 10 Emojis


With the release of Apple’s new operating system, iOS 10, new emojis were also revealed, showing a new style: brighter, cuter, friendlier and of course more detailed.

All these changes are more noticeable in the human emojis, which features new eyes, new hairstyles, and more “human” traits, characteristics that make them more expressive.

apple-iOS-10-new-emojis-whatssap-myfopnion.jpgapple-iOS-10-new-emojis-whatssap-myfopnion 2.jpg

Besides the design part, there are also huge improvements regarding inclusion and equality. For instance, some emojis will receive more gender options – male and female – such as the athletes, professionals, and expressions, now men can also get a haircut and raise their hands.

apple-iOS-10-new-emojis-whatssap-myfopnion 4.jpgapple-iOS-10-new-emojis-whatssap-myfopnion 5.jpgapple-iOS-10-new-emojis-whatssap-myfopnion 6.jpg

There also new single parent emojis, a rainbow flag, a handicap sign, and the exchange of the revolver gun emoji for a toy water pistol. They remind me of the Messenger emojis, maybe WhatssApp realized that its competitor’s emojis were better.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion

apple-iOS-10-new-emojis-whatssap-myfopnion 3.jpgapple-iOS-10-new-emojis-whatssap-myfopnion 7.jpg

Messenger Emojis



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