Subway Redesign

myfastopinion subway redesign 2016 new logo myfopinion.jpg

The school redesign project that almost every student does is finally official, Subway, the fast-food sandwich restaurant franchise, has revealed a new identity to the world.

The new logo is part of the evolution of the brand, following the menu enhancements and the launch of SubWay Digital earlier this year, and captures the essence of the brand in a fresh, contemporary look.

The iconic colors have been also “optimized” in order to work across all channels, and for all channels, I mean the Digital ones.

subway redesign 2016 new logo myfopinion.png

I don’t know if you are having the same feeling as I do, but I’m not amazed, really! I don’t like it, I don’t hate it, I don’t nothing! I’m just like “Oh, ok, the changed it”. The older one wasn’t great, this new one isn’t either, but at least is bolder and stronger. The typography tries to evoke the subway curves and connections, which helps to improve the arrow part of the “S”, just the “S”, because the “Y” is so forced that it needs a sign of “Dangerous Curve Ahead”.

The only thing that really made me smile is the new symbol of the brand, the two iconic arrows of the brand that symbolize the choices SubWay provides its guests, are now a very clever monogram that is kind of an inception, 2 “S” one created by the arrows and one created by the negative space! Amazing! I’m sure this symbol will turn iconic very soon and we’ll see it on our phones as an app sooner or later.

subway redesign 2016 new logo myfopinion symbol.png

Along with the new identity, Subway also released a couple of spots,“Clean Slate” and “Everyone”, that highlight the #SearchforBetter and Subways’s role in that journey. And they are great, except for a little detail, they show the old logo on the restaurants! They should have made at least a digital render to show us the new SubWay, instead of a combination of new and old, but I guess we’ll have to wait until early 2017 when the additional visual assets will roll out to all restaurants, communications, and digital experiences worldwide.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion


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