Bohemia Beer New Identity

myfastopinion lettres my f opnion bohemia redesign rediseño logotipo nuevo cerveza etiqueta

This Monday, Bohemia, Mexican Premium beer from Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery – subsidiary of Heineken International – launched its new identity and packaging, leaving behind its Renaissance look and showing a more contemporary look with modern typographic arrangements.

The new identity was created by the first Mexican lettering studio: Lettres in collaboration with London-based Elmwood, and aims to boost the ‘premium’ market of the Cuauhtémoc-Heineken company and attract new customers, especially the famous millennium.

This change is part of the strategy created by the new CEO of the company in Mexico, Van den Brink, who made an investment of over 2,000 million dollars for the 2015 – 2019 period, all with the goal of gaining space on the market that rules its competitor Modelo.

myfastopinion lettres my f opnion bohemia redesign rediseño logotipo nuevo cerveza etiqueta 4 copy.jpg

Now, let’s talk about design. The new wordmark is a custom digitize handlettering that maintains the signature characteristics of the previous one – like its stroke angle and the descender of the “h”- but now with rounded terminals, a condensed weight, and a perfect x-height. I like to think it is the millennial son of the previous logotype.

“The new marque celebrates the balance of perfection and passion that goes into the beer – the perfection is achieved through the consistent rhythmic uprights while the passion comes to life through the playful flicks that break out.” – Elmwood

I really like the way all the letters fit perfectly into the x-height and are excellently spaced, the only “but” I have is the space between the “i” and the “a” arc, it is a black hole in space, perhaps a little more curve would have helped. But it is just a detail, a great customized typographic work is always appreciated.

myfastopinion lettres my f opnion bohemia redesign rediseño logotipo nuevo cerveza etiqueta 5.pngcerveza-bohemia-rediseño myfopinion 2

I would like to talk about every detail of the label but because the new design hasn’t been officially released I only have this frontal view of the design, but broadly, the decision of keeping the signature diagonal label and making the beer distinction clearer with brighter colors and bigger types was great, it’s functional and looks nice.

“Elmwood developed the brand’s new distinct point of view: The Bohemian Angle on Life: Taste with all your senses. Have an opinion, from a uniquely Mexican perspective. Be inspired by tradition, while always looking forward.” – Elmwood

As for the new Moctezuma abstraction,  it looks simpler and more stylized, there’s not much to say about this, just that it is well done and it will be easier to use it in smaller spaces. And I insist, it now appears as the son of Moctezuma.

imagotipo-cerveza-bohemia-rediseño myfopinion

I have said a lot of good things, so now let’s talk about the not so great stuff. The thing I don’t like about the new design is that there is a lot of information and elements, both labels look too full, there are white stripes, fonts in various sizes, lines… is just a lot. Maybe each label by its own looked nice, actually the layout isn’t bad, the problem is  when you put everything together, it just doesn’t work. It’s like when you grab all the clothes you like, but when you try them on the outfit doesn’t match.

That is why it is important to design the projects as a whole and not as individual parts, so we can avoid this kind of mismatches and achieve a cohesive look. But overall, for me this is a great change for the brand, it looks younger but still premium; and even though some things doesn’t convince me, like the saturation of typographies and text, there is no doubt the star of this movie is the custom lettering for the wordmark! Nothing can be compared to something custom made.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion

cerveza-bohemia-rediseño myfopinion 3cerveza-bohemia-rediseño myfopinion 4bohemia_6packs_rediseño_beer_new_logo.jpg


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