FUD Mexico vs MetLife Hong Kong

Once again the Mexican advertising agency TERAN/TBWA is involved in a case, as many would say, of a copy with its mother’s day campaign “Tu mamá miente” (Your mom lies) for FUD, a Mexican brand of cold cuts and hot dogs; just as it happened with its campaign for “Palacio de Hierro”.

TERAN/TBWA is one the most successful advertising agencies in Mexico and has created many campaigns for big brands such as Bachoco, GNP, Nissan and Domino’s, just to name a few; and this time, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the agency created a campaign for FUD – client since 2014 –  which quickly became viral on social media.

fud tu mama miente copia met life myfopinion.png

The campaign was launched in May 2016 on tv, cinemas, and social media and it’s a 2minute short film about how moms lie and fight to keep the faith, happiness, and love in her children;  as the director of FUD, Juan Pablo Méndez Alvarado, says:”a tribute to all mothers of Mexico”. It was directed by Luis Mandoki,audio design by Martin Hernandez and performance and narration by Diego Luna.

Since the moment the video was launched on Diego Luna’s twitter and FUD’s facebook page, it started to get shared and commented through all the social media, rapidly reaching the 6M views on Facebook, but at the same time it started to get negative comments for being almost the same as the video “My Dad’s Story” from MetLife Honk Kong.

This similar campaign from MetLife was launched in Jan. 28th 2015 and is called “Dream for My Child”, an integrated advertising campaign centered on a short film to promote MetLife’s EduCare savings plan for parents to save money for children’s higher education and a chance to win a 3-year endowment plan for a kid.

The tear-jerking commercial was developed by BBDO Hong Kong, it was shot in Thailand and produced in six versions for different markets in Asia. The video features a little girl reading an essay about how amazing is her father, but suddenly all that happiness is cut when the girl says her daddy lies and a bunch of scenes of her dad working many jobs and struggling through all the day appear on screen. Basically the same concept FUD used: parents hiding the struggles and problems so their children can be happy.

I know what you are thinking: OMG! Again! They are a bunch of copycats! But wait.. there is still more. While I was researching for more info I came across this other video named “My mom’s a liar”, from which I couldn’t find more info, but it is basically the same as MetLife’s, but more heartbreaking, with less budget, a bad performance, and a doubtful Comme des Garçons play shirt.

So what do you think? I’m not going to defend them nor attack them because I really can’t know what happened inside the agency, and I know everyone is expecting me to say sh** about it, but this is what I think:

We can’t ignore that the concept is the same: white lies, and the  catch phrase is also the same: My ______ lies, and I think that’s the problem, the usage of the same words. For me it is not a literal copy because the final result is not the same, if you watch them without sound the connection between them is almost impossible, that’s why I think it was more like a reference,  like having the same idea but making it different, and I said this because it also reminded me to the P&G commercials for the Olympic Games.

Like this video there are thousands of sad commercials on youtube, especially from Thailand, it is like thing in Asia. And I think it’s great to have these types of campaigns in our country  and seeing that Mexico is finally starting to understand how to sell emotions instead of products, even Diego Luna said that “It is unusual in advertising to do a piece where you do not speak about the product”, (I’m sorry Diego, it is unusual in Mexico, but it is very common in other countries).

If indeed they saw the videos and campaigns from Asia, I think they did a very good job adapting it to Mexican culture, and I dare to say that even to an international and wider market segment because they talk about very down to earth issues with which anyone can identify themselves (Including me, I almost cry), not like the Asian ones that use extreme situations like poverty and hunger (maybe the Asian culture is like that). But unfortunately, they made the mistake of verbalizing it in the same way, making the reference more obvious.

And if they didn’t know about the existence of the other videos, I’m sorry for them because it is an awful coincidence that will be added to the bad reputation they won with the Palacio de Hierro campaign. If I were them I will have a department of investigation and references to prevent this because now that has happened twice, the eyes are on them.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion



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