Comercial Mexicana Redesign

Comercial Mexicana, the third-largest supermarket chain in Mexico, has renewed its image and name after 96% of its stores were purchased by Soriana, another Mexican supermarket chain. The remaining 4% is now part of this new group named “LaComer”.

The only good thing about this change is the new name: LaComer, which is the short version of ‘La Comercial Mexicana’ that everyone used before being official, but that’s all, the logo is horrible.

First of all, why did they use Impact!? There is nothing in that font that makes me wanna grocery shopping, I mean, it is Impact! The meme font. Number two: the superscript position of “la” article, I know they did it to separate the name so it wouldn’t be lacomer, but don’t you think a space and a capital letter L would have been better?

And finally, the new pelican which has always been the brands symbol. It was an intelligent decision to maintain this icon so that people can still recognize it and not confused with the changes that happened with the company, but regarding the design, I do not know if it’s because the logo is awful, but if we see the symbol by itself I think it isn’t bad, it is a descent abstraction and has an organic form that makes it friendly, not sure about the oval, but definitely that’s no the worst thing there.

Conclusion: Did they make this on Power Point?


One thought on “Comercial Mexicana Redesign

  1. Oscar Leonard

    The plan behind the new “La Comer” image they wanted was to demonstrate that’s a new Company with the history and experience of Comercial Mexicana. They wanted not to be confused or identified with the older store. Indeed, they accompanied with the slogan “Renovarse es crecer” (Renovate is growing). Greetings.


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