UNEFON Redesign


Along with the #HazteEscuchar campaign and its renewal, UNEFON — Mexican mobile carrier now part of AT&T — launched its new image with the aim of ruling the pre-paid market.

Thank you AT&T for finally changing the horrible and cheap logo of unefon. I’m not sure who designed this new identity, but it takes the company to another level, it looks young, modern and accessible (not cheap, accessible), it even seems a great option of mobile carrier.

Of course, the logotype is not something out of this world, it is just the named divided into two and typed with ‘Alright Sans Ultra’, but it kind of works. At first I thought it was just a temporary logo for a campaign because for some reason I didn’t feel the “logo vibes”, perhaps because of its simplicity or the fact that it is simple typography, but know that I’m constantly seeing it I’m starting to feel its potential of becoming a great brand in terms of graphic design, they just need a great team of designers to manage their brand.

And just to finish #myfastopinion whoever dares to say that the change wasn’t good, please see what they had before.



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