Best 2016 Oscar Nominees’ Poster Design

Yesterday the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognized the excellence in cinematic achievements in the United States film industry, they reward with the highest honor in filmmaking categories such as best actor in a leading role, best directing, best costume design and best original score; but what happens with graphic design?  Are we the black people of the design branch? (no offense for African Americans)

I’ve always wondered why Graphic Design is not awarded, I mean, if we see it from an overall perspective it is not as obvious as costume design or production design, BUT if we are more meticulous, Graphic Design is almost everywhere: from the movie logotype and opening titles, to the fake applications they use and of course movie posters. Previous winners of this imaginary category would have been “The Grand Hotel Budapest” for its amazing packaging and elements and “The Great Gatsby” for its bespoke typography, both movies coincidentally won best production design (combination of art direction + set direction), which could possibly absorb graphic design in a certain way, but it is more like environment design.

my f opinion 2016 oscars poster design.jpg

That’s why I’ve decided to recognize the best poster designs from the 2016 Oscar Nominees. Why posters?  You might ask, well… 1. The poster is the master piece of all the graphic design universe in a movie, and 2. I don’t have the time to watch every opening credit and analyze each piece of design in every movie. Ha!

Btw, It is important for you to know that there are many versions of posters all around the world, each poster designed by a different agency for some unknown reason, I tried to search all versions and choose the best ones avoiding the cliches of double exposure and big faces over movie scenes, this award is for the ones that actually care about g. design.

The nominees for Best Graphic Design in a Motion Picture are:
(Click on the images for full size gallery)

Poster design by PLANETFAB

my f opinion 2016 oscars poster design  carol_ver13 PLANETFAB

Inside Out (China)
Posters design by Unknown

The Hateful Eight
Posters design by Gravillis Inc.

The Martian
Posters design by Ignition

Posters design by LA

my f opinion 2016 oscars poster design sicario_ver2

Star Wars: The Force Awakens  (IMAX Exclusive)
Poster artwork by Dan Mumford


And My F Oscar goes to… The Hateful Eight. Posters design by Gravillis Inc. For the story the movie posters tell with simple color changes and the consistency between them.

I’m sorry Star Wars fans, the artwork by Dan Mumford is amazing!! But ‘The Hateful Eight’ is giving more than just a great illustration.

I hope the Academy realize the importance of our work in the movie industry and and begins to recognize graphic design agencies who manage to synthesize the essence of a movie on a simple image that draws people’s attention.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion


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