La Nacional vs Capricciosas Pizza & Acción Poética

“La Nacional” and “Capricciosas Pizza” are two local restaurants from Monterrey, Mexico that are sharing more than the location, both brands collaborate with “Acción Poética” to basically create the same campaign, but one did it on 2013 and one on 2015.

Let’s start explaining what “Acción Poética” is. Acción Poética (Poetic Action in English) is a urban poetry movement started in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico in 1996 by Armando Alanis, a Mexican poet and Cultural Promoter, that consists in painting optimistic phrases in empty walls across the city. This movement is recognized by its simple aesthetic of white backgrounds, black capital letters and the “Acción Poetica” signature at the bottom right of each intervention. Today ‘AP’ is in more than fifty Mexican cities, as well as in twenty countries of Latin America and Spain; so with that success it is not surprising that various brands want to collaborate with this movement to gain more exposure.

la nacional accion poetica capricciosas pizza my f opinion tridente

Nowadays the collaboration between brands is very common, and it is obvious that if different brands collaborate with the same ‘artist’ they might get the same result, so that’s why this post is not about who copy who because I think it won’t be fair, after allthis two brands are not the only ones that had collaborated with Acción Poética. ‘Pa’l Norte’ a local music festival, has worked with this movement since 2013 by painting song phrases in the walls, but that’s another story… let’s get back to business.

‘La Nacional’ is a restaurant that aims to rescue the North Eastern Mexican cuisine through its expensive dishes. Its 2013 campaign was created by Tridente, a Mexican agency specialized in strategy, branding and digital design; and it was focused in positioning certain dishes including the Grilled Artichoke and Piglet. They partnered with Acción Poética and created different phrases such as “Ayer me enamoré de la alcachofa” (Yesterday I fell in love with an artichoke) and “Hoy es día de lechón” (Today is piglet day) that appeared on walls, billboards and different media. The result was an increase of 1000% sales artichoke within 3 months. Really nice!! They had a very clear objective, a efficientcampaign and a true result.

Then we have “Capricciosas Pizza” also a local restaurant known for its thin and crunchy pizzas, and despite I really like their pizzas and that are the only ones my mom likes, its campaign doesn’t have the same crunch. The campaign was launched on February 2016 and it’s all about love, it was created in-house (they told me that) and ‘Acción Poética‘ directly deliver to them a guideline and they decide and make production (that’s why AP told me). It is composed by the hashtag #frasesdeamordidas (in english has nonsense) and several phrases for the packaging and advertising such as “Hoy: Pizzas y Besos, Y mañana también” (“Today: Pizzas and Kisses and tomorrow too) and “Solo dos ingredientes: Tu y Yo, la pizza con todo” (Only two ingredients: You and Me, the pizza with everything). I have to say the quotes are clever, I like that they mixed the love and the food themes in a smooth way and that the typography is actually handwritten not like the one of “La Nacional”, but that’s all, it is just a cute monthly themed campaign.

In conclusion, as I said at the beginning of the post, this is not about a copycat because in that case Capricciosas would have been a clear loser. Both campaigns are ok, one had a very clear aim and the other one was just for fun, the problem I found is that why if both are in the same small town and in the same business category they have to do the same!? There are millions of different options and so many local artists, why repeating the same formula that other brand has already done? Let’s be more creative, invent new formulas, stand out from the crowd, let’s be different. (OMG I sounded like a poet, any one want’s a quote for a campaign? lol)

But well.. at least this is my f opinion

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