Mc Donald’s ’16 Redesign – By 7 Different Agencies

Mc Donald’s, the famous and not so healthy fast food chain,  has decided to start this 2016 with a brand new attitude in order to attract more customers, such as a single woman that wants to find a boyfriend this new year.

The decision was taken by Mc Donald’s new CEO, Steve Easterbrook, after seeing that despite all the efforts they used with the “Choose lovin” campaign and its failed redesign from last year, the restaurant sales decreased during the second half of 2014 and early 2015. So to get it right this time, the design was created by 7 different designers from 7 different agencies from around the world: Leo Burnett Germany, TBWA US, DDB Hong Kong, Creata Australia, Boxer UK, Landini Australia, and Forpeople UK. And here is the result:

mcdonalds 2016 redesign packaging my f opinion 3

This seven experts had to come up with a true, bold and simple packaging design that could work with McDonald’s new vision of a modern, progressive burger company (in case you were wondering that’s what the brief said). So in just one week they brainstormed, had some focus groups midweek, refined 3 final ideas and chose one. What a week! Then the final design was transferred to Boxer Brand Design, McDonald’s long-time packaging agency, to perfect it and develop it.

Matt Biespiel, McDonald’s senior director of global brand development, explains that this “DynamicDesign” is a celebration of what makes McDonald’s ‘McDonald’s’, and that it was designed with a fashion mentality so the bags and the cups act as mini billboards as people walk out of the restaurants. Wow, they finally discovered that packaging is “free” advertising, a little late, but they finally did it.

Before my opinion, I have to say that some pages are comparing this design with an older version that is not the right one, they are using the images from the 2013 packaging instead of the 2015 design, and this is very important because the one from 2015 has a very similar look to this new one, big typography, bright colors… so it is not the huge change everyone is talking about, it is more like an improvement. And also this is also important because a year ago I said that if they were going to use the typography element they should focus all the design on it, and now they did. Snap…Snap…Snap.

Ok, let’s go back to business. As you can see the packaging is all about typography, color and simplicity, and I’m likin’ it! I really like that everything is big and powerful; the way they kept the slogan in a very subtle way on the side and how the golden arches and words wrap the takeout bags is pretty nice! The only problem I have with the bags is specifically with the “McD-on-ald’s” one, which is kind of sad because it is supposed to be the main title, but the splitting of the word is nonsense, Why is “on” bigger than “Mc”? for me it should be the other way, but other than that, the bags look great and they do function as little billboards. (and as holiday wrapping paper).

The cups are a whole different story, for me they look like options instead of a final design, we have the one with the color stripe, the one with the weird Mc Donald’s split word, and the one with the arch and McDonald’s in a vertical position. Why? I have no idea. The last two aren’t that bad, they match the bag designs, but the one with the color stripe is definitely a stranger in this squad, maybe they should have kept the big golden arches but with different phrases like they did on the bags.

For now this new design has only been applied to bags and cups, but it is planned to be in other materials such as menus, boxes and a variety of digital platforms. I can’t wait to see how they are going to adapt it to the fries boxes and McFlurrys cups. So far, it is looking good, of course it could be better as everything in this world, but let’s be honest, there is no way the old trick of using big-bold typography could look bad, it always works.

But well… at least this is my f opinion


mcdonalds 2016 redesign packaging my f opinion 42015mcdonalds 2016 redesign packaging my f opinion 5mcdonalds 2016 redesign packaging my f opinionmcdonalds 2016 redesign packaging my f opinion 2mcdonalds 2016 redesign packaging my f opinion 6mcdonalds 2016 redesign packaging my f opinion 7mcdonalds 2016 redesign packaging my f opinion 8


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