Bonafont Redesign

bonafont water myfopinion redesign mexico.jpgSorry guys! I’ve been kind of busy, but here is #myfastopinion about something I found today while I was driving.
Bonafont, Mexican brand of purified water, decided to start the new year with a new look.

This refresh was launched in December 2015 on social media, and it will be launched on TV, billboards, magazines, etc. this January.
There is no much information about whom designed it or the reasons for why they did it, but according to what I’m seeing this is an in-house design with the simple aim of not being outdated.

UPDATE: “Designed by Milstein Ravel, studio based in Buenos Aires, under the light water concept.”

Definitely this new identity is an upgrade for the brand, it looks younger, fresher and confirms its the feminine approach. It was a great decision to get rid of the blue colors and only keep the peachy one (now slightly darker and pinkish) that identifies the brand. I also like that they released the mountains from their prison and turned them into a complementary element of the brand that can be used in many different ways, like on the set of transparencies of the label that I really like.

The new logotype features a sans serif font that if I’m not wrong it is Palatino Sans, and keeps the “B” and “T” taller than the rest of the letters as in the previous one (senseless for me). I do like that is now a wordmark that can be used by itself and that its form matches the curves of the mountains, but I’m not sure if this typography was the best choice. I mean, it doesn’t bother me, but neither amazes me, it just fine.

And just to finish this, there are two things that I would definitely remove, number one: the shadow from the wordmark, and number two: the freaking silhouette! I don’t know why they decided to keep it, it is unnecessary. It looks like they forgot to delete those thin vectors that are over the logo, please leave that to Nestle Fitness.

My Final Opinion: Big improvement, I like it (not everything, but almost), they did a really nice decomposition of the original logo to use all the elements in a better way.


2 thoughts on “Bonafont Redesign

  1. Hi, My name is Carina Milstein, director at Milstein Ravel studio based in Buenos Aires.
    We redesigned the new brand identity for Bonafont under the light water concept.
    For this reason it was decided to change the material and use a crystal like material instead
    to give it more ¨lightness¨.

    The identity and color that represent Bonafont were left untouched, we updated the font
    and the silhouette which is a recognisable icon of the brand.
    Once the identity was defined we developed the sub brands: LEVITE & JUIZZY we also designed all the labels for the portfolio: NATURAL, LEVITE & JUIZZY

    Thanks a lot for your comments.

    Carina Milstein
    Milstein Ravel
    diseño y comunicacion

    Edificio La Algodonera
    Santos Dumont 3454 2-19
    Ciudad de Buenos Aires – Argentina
    CP (1426EIB)
    Estudio: 0054 11 4551 1410
    Móvil desde el ext: 0054 9 11 5329 3041


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