BudLight 2016 Redesign

beer budlight redesign myfopinion.jpg

After 8 years of not making big changes, Bud Light has decided to make a complete redesign of its brand, which will be officially launched during Super Bowl 50 and will roll out in spring.

With this evolution the brand is trying to establish itself as an experienced brewery and appeal the modern beer drinkers (the famous millennials) who are starting to consume more crafted beers instead of commercial beers.

The design, created by the agency jones knowles ritchie, maintained the iconic electric blue of the brand and brought back the brewer’s historic “AB” crest not used since 2001, and I’m loving this flashback with the AB crest, it looks really nice with the monotone and I think it is fulfilling the objective by screaming to all the millennials: “Hey! We were once a crafted beer, we may now be more famous, but we are still a serious brewery. Trust us!”. The thing I’m not liking is the text at the bottom, it looks like they were trying to fill the white space with the extended font, and idk why they decided to also crop it, weirdos…

Now let’s talk about the new logotype created by the lettering designer Ian Brignell. The new typography is bolder, stronger and asking for attention, and even though I can’t stop thinking about Absolut Vodka, I have to confess that it is starting to grow on me. I know it has less personality that the previous logo, but this one matches the new design and grabs your attention, besides giving the brand a more adult look.

So in conclusion: At first I didn’t like it, but the much I see it the more it grows on me. The redesign changes completely the feeling of the brand, they left behind the sporty/college look and transformed the brand into a more serious and consolidated brewery with a contemporary look. Can’t wait to see what they planned for the #SuperBowl.


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