New Zealand’s Flag Finalists

New Zealand's Flag Finalists myfopinion design .jpg

 #myfopinion Finally there is a finalist for this competition, and there is no mistake like yesterday with Miss Universe.

In May of this year the New Zealand’s government offered the opportunity for the public to put forward suggestions for a new flag to show its independence from its British roots.

From November 20th to December 11th people had the opportunity to vote for their favorite flag from these 5 alternative designs my opinion there) and finally on December 15th the Electoral Commission announced that the Silver Fern Flag, with more than 14,000 votes, was the winner and it will now compete from March 3rd to March 14th towards the actual design to become the New Zealand flag. #pff

I don’t know why they are making this contest and voting stuff if they are still not completely sure about changing the actual flag, why would you make people vote and design flags if at the end the actual flag is still competing?They should have decided to remove the flag before starting the contest, otherwise for me it has no sense. Imagine if the new design loses towards the actual, I mean, it already won!!!! It would be like Miss Colombia winning Miss Universe, just for a while.



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