Behind Moschino Barbie’s little boy.

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the Barbie commercial that has gone viral for including a boy playing with the famous doll, but do you know the real reasons of its success and production? And although at first glance it seems to be a movement for gender equality there is always something more behind these campaigns.

The Moschino Barbie is a special collaboration between Mattel’s famous doll and Jeremy Scott, the current creative director of Moschino. This collaboration was announced in October and launched on November 9th with the price of $150 usd, and surprisingly it was sold out in less than an hour. The 30-second video is a parody of Barbie’s iconic 1980’s commercials and features two girls and the famous boy styled as Jeremy Scott. The video is obviously an expression of how the creative director of Moschino used to watch the Barbie commercials and played with the doll. This isn’t hard to get, but why it has been so successful?

The success of this commercial is not the fact that after 56 years the brand has finally put a boy in an ad, the success of this ad is the time when they decided to publish the video. Nowadays the barriers of gender equity are fading, we have seen how Target removed the boys and girls labels from the toy section, how a father videotapes and shares the fact that his son chose a Little Mermaid doll for his birthday present, and how another dad let his little boy dress as Elsa for Halloween. Undoubtedly it was the perfect time to make this video.

And although this decision could have went really bad, the response from the public has been positive, however Mattel wanted to have a backup in case something went wrong so the company decided to announced that it was a “fauxmercial”, and if you put attention you will notice that the video was uploaded to Moschino’s youtube page and not barbie’s, and it doesn’t even have the barbie logo. And although the video seems to be only Moschino’s property, there’s no doubt that Mattel approved it, otherwise this would have been big sue.

The truth is that all this thing was created because the company needs more customers. Since the big-headed dolls with platforms and mini skirts (Bratz and Monster High) appeared, Barbie sales have decreased significantly (16% in 2014) as well as being target of criticism for its body proportions and facial features. So they decided to take bold decisions earlier this year by launching  a new collection of 23 fashionistas with 14 different skin tones, facial structures, 22 hairstyles, 23 hair colors and 18 eye colors, in addition to using flats instead of heels! All of this so girls can identify themselves with the doll and want one. And now with this commercial they want to open its market by breaking the gender stereotypes and attracting the little boys who like dolls, which personally I think they are making a stereotype for gay boys by making him “so fierce”, but maybe that’s how Jeremy Scott was. See? Not everything is magic, there is always something that the naked eye can’t see.

But well… at least this is my f opinion.

Moschino Barbie Truth boy first time My F Opinion 14.gifMoschino Barbie Truth boy first time My F Opinion 1Moschino Barbie Truth boy first time My F Opinion 4Moschino Barbie Truth boy first time My F Opinion 8Moschino Barbie Truth boy first time My F Opinion 3

Moschino Barbie Truth boy first time My F Opinion 12



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