Arma Exchange New Logo

armani anagrama myfopinion desgin redesign logo.jpgArmani just did a logo exchange, and you would not believe who was the collaborator, Anagrama ! The international branding, architecture and software development firm from Monterrey, Mexico.

First of all, congratulations Anagrama, with this redesign you are now part of the graphic design history, and even though this Mexican agency is already known around the world, creating something like this for such a huge brand is a big deal.

Now let’s get down to business #myfastopnion. This new logo is an updated version of the past one without serifs but keeping the didone style. I’m going to divide this in two, first the new “monogram”: It looks cleaner and more stylish, I like how they gave it more space between the letters and the central bar, but I have a problem with the “X”, it seems like the thin leg is a little above the base line, and I know it’s optical but I can’t stop feeling that it is floating.

Then we have the new wordmark, which personally I’m not a fan of it. The thickness contrast is too much, and the typographic block is not cohesive, some letters are thicker than the others, like the “R” that stands out and the “N” that fades out.

Which I do like about this is that they tried to integrate the wordmark with the monogram and that it now looks less classic luxury and more youthful, which the brand is all about (as we can see on the website )… so.. final statement? Nice monogram, not so nice wordmark.



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