Roshfrans Winner Logo

Roshfrans logo redesign mexico contest logo new.jpg

#myfastopinion One more contest. One more loser.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Roshfrans, Mexican brand of lubricant oils and greases, revealed its new logo, which was the result of a competition that rewarded the winner with one million pesos. The goal of the contest was to redesign the image of Roshfrans and represent the future of the brand, and you only had to respect name, besides that you can change even the colors.

And this is the result, a half redesigned logo. For some reason, they kept the same wordmark that has a lot of kerning problems and that obviously doesn’t match the new symbol. It’s a crime to merge different proposals, for me this was a mandatory change.

And then we have the new “futuristic” symbol full of 3D effects and a weird color treatment. To be honest, the basic form doesn’t bother me (even though it has some problems with the curves and thicknesses), the problem is the 3D effect! Why God why!? Perhaps if the new symbol was flat it might work better. But let’s be positive, at least the bunny has jumped far away and it’s not literally there.

And just for the record, I have to accept it, I’m guilty, I participated in this contest. And I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but mine was so much better and was thought for actual needs of the brand… Just saying… #bitchgivemeyourmoney




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