Ruffles New Look

ruffles packaging redesign design myfopinion logo.jpg

Is redesign the new black? #myfastopinion Now it was Ruffles turn. The crunchy chips brand has a new logo and packaging created by the design agency DuPuis from Chicago, IL. “to appeal the Millennial male.”

The new image features a slab serif typeface in the logo and more minimalist packaging design with a color code and a condensed type at the bottom to differentiate its various flavors. I can’t say that I love it or hate it because it is so different from the previous design and it gives me another mood, now it looks kind of artisanal and vintage, or at least that’s what I get.

Technically the overall design is much better than before, it has a cohesive look and it’s well organized; I don’t often like the use of photographs in packagings, but this ones have a nice composition and complement the packaging design, after all “Love comes in at the eye”. So if they were attempting to appeal to the new man I think it is working, it looks less party and more traditional.


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