Best Western Goes Clean

best western new design look logo redesign.jpg

#myfastopinion Best Western has revealed its new image to show the consumers its improvements.

This new image was created by the San Diego, CA-based studio MiresBall and is the first refresh of the brand since 1993. It took 2 years of work and input from travelers, travel buyers, partners and owners to reinvent the brand.

This new logo is completely different from the past one, they got rid of the crown, the serif type and holding shape, only maintaining the blue color. The new logo features a customized version of Costa Std Typeface which I think was a great decision because it makes it look cleaner, fresher, and more reliable (kind of a Windex spray) ; instead of the “I may be good, but I may be not” look of the past version.

The new emblem shows the brand’s initials inside a circle with a 3D effect… I know… and believe it or not they are saying they choose this effect to be different from the competitors. Really? Do you wanna be the different or the best? Because with this I’m not sure. And it’s not that I hate it, it is fine, but it0s something I would have done 10 years ago… and it reminds me of P&G btw. #sorry

And just to finish this, I would have thought that this was the opportunity to make a cohesive look for all of its brands, but no, they are now more different from before, that premier logo isn’t premier at all.

Conclusion: The change of course was a must for the brand and they almost nailed it, it now looks friendlier and welcoming and makes me think the hotels are new and clean, a clap for this. But the 3d effect isn’t the best, and the complete package of brand logos is definitely not working.



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