Kyle Mowat vs Gelattina

Here we go again, this time we have two animations that are about to fight in the design ring, one created by Kyle Mowat for McDonald’s and the other by Gelattina for Carl’s Jr. So let’s see who will eat it’s design and will not order dessert.

As I always say with this kind of issues, it all comes down to who did it first, let’s begin by presenting our opponents: In this corner we have Kyle Mowat!! an illustrator and animator who works in New York City for Buck: a production company driven by design. And in this other corner we have Gelatinna!! a Mexican digital agency specialized in connecting brands with consumers through digital tools and social media.

Kyle Mowat vs Gelattina mc donalds carls jr my f opinion

Let’s start with Kyle Mowat, Kyle created this stop-motion animation for the video “Mouth Madness”, video that is part of a series of short films created by Buck for Mc Donald’s famous Big Mac (which I love btw). This short animation appears on the second number 2 of that video and was published on 2013 in Vimeo and in Kyle’s page on July 31, 2013. So, it has been two years since this animation was released, now let’s see how old or how new is Gelattina’s animation.

Gelattina created this animation as a post for the Facebook page of Carl’s Jr Mexico, this video was published on July 29 of 2015 (there you go, pff), and shared by Gelattina itself on August 7th with this quote “During the production of this Carl’s Jr. post  no burger was harmed!” OMG hilarious!… not. Perhaps no burger was harmed during the production of the animation, but Kyle’s design for sure was, it was literally traced frame by frame and then adapted for Carl’s Jr.

So there’s no more to say, once again New York beat Mexico. Perhaps Gelattina thought that because it was a small Facebook post nobody would notice, and besides, Mcdonald’s animation lasts a second, almost too fast to be seen… not for me or for my followers eyes.

For me it’s not if whether we realize or not about the copy, it’s more about a sense of respect for our profession and for the work of our colleagues. I understand that sometimes we really like the work from other designers, but we don’t have to copy it! Just take it as a reference and show that you can do something better. And, beyond the personal feelings remember that there’s always a client that trusts you, and with this kind of stuff you might lose your client and cause big problems for his/her brand.

But well… at least this is my f opinion.

Kyle-Mowat-vs-Gelattina-mc-donalds-carls-jr-my-f-opinion-2Kyle-Mowat-vs-Gelattina-mc-donalds-carls-jr-my-f-opinionKyle Mowat vs Gelattina mc donalds carls jr my f opinion 2Kyle Mowat vs Gelattina mc donalds carls jr my f opinion 3


3 thoughts on “Kyle Mowat vs Gelattina

  1. Romo

    Why you wrote “New York beat Mexico” you were talking about ad agencies/ animation studios, not a country or city, for me the way you said it was kind offensive. Don’t talk in general, Mexico is not Gelattina.

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  2. I think your point is excellent. But the whole “New York beat Mexico” part is stupid. Mexico admires New York, but its funny to see that you (a New Yorker, I presume) are starting to place Mexico on the same arena.

    I still agree that the copying was blatant, uncreative stealing. Booo for Gelattina. Hooray for genuinely creative people, both in Mexico and New York.


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