Let’s Go To The Opera

 opera browser new design logo redesign.jpg
With the release of its latest desktop browser Opera introduced a new identity created in-house in collaboration with the studio Anti for the visual identity and DixonBaxi for the strategy. This new logo represents the tech progress of the brand with the “O” transformed into a portal that delivers infinite amounts of content to their users.

I have mixed feelings about this change, on one side the symbol is so much better that before because it is not just the letter “O” in red, it is now a real symbol with special features; but on the other side I’m not convinced about the 3D effect, it does look technological but for a few years ago. And it kind of reminds me to the outlook icon for mac. #sorry

And about the new typography… well… for me it is a no. It is like if the symbol and the typeface were fighting to see who is more circular, rather than live in peace. For me they are not meant to be.

See more of this change here: http://bit.ly/1LYEa9r



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