DKNY New Logotype

dkny new logo design redesign myfopinion.jpg
Last week the #NYFW brought us more than fashion, the new creative directors, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, revealed during the DKNYfashion show a new identity for the brand created by themselves.

The new logo shows the new direction of the company towards a more sophisticated and mature brand that targets the modern women, not girls. We say goodbye to the extended typography and the name at the bottom, and we welcome a much simpler logotype with the Franklin Gothic typeface (chosen for being “bold and American”) and a wide spacing.

For me it is a success, definitely, the new image reflects what they want to convey and reminds me of the famous Soho DKNY wall of New York. The spacing between the letters is like if they had kept the dimensions of the previous logo and just compressed the letters towards the left, I know that’s just in my head, but I like to think that they did that.


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