New Zealand 4 Finalists

new zealand flag competition design redesign myfopinion.jpg
In May of this year, the New Zealand’s government offered the opportunity for the public to put forward suggestions for a new flag to show its independence from its British roots.

After searching through 10,292 alternative designs, the panel of judges selected the four finalists (Image below), all of them representing the silver fern, key symbol in New Zealand culture.

We all know that design competitions aren’t always the fairest or the best option to make big changes, and this time isn’t the exception, I mean, three of these designs look almost the same, and two belong to the same person #notfair I’m not a New Zealander, so I can’t comment on the decision, but for me there are no options to choose from, they just have different colors and have almost the same meanings. (

Kiwis aren’t happy with the decisions and they’re voting to add a new alternative, the “Red Peak” design by Aaron Dustin A geometric design that represents the land, sky, inspired by Rangi & Papa mythology, and a reference to heritage from the 1902 New Zealand flag. Much better I guess.



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