Goodbye Tokyo 2020 Olympic’s Logo

tokio 2020 logo copy olympics new logo myfopinion.jpg 

#myfastopinion Remember the Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo I liked? Well, it’s gone! 終わった。

The Organising Committee decided to remove the logo after the allegations of plagiarism against the designer Kenjiro Sano from the Olivier Debie, who designed the logo for the Théâtre de Liège 2 years ago and claimed Sano’s design was a copy. And because the Olympic Games cannot be without an emblem, the blooming logo used for the “Candidate City” phase was reinstated.

So what do you think? I mean, Sano have already said he got inspiration from the internet, are you kidding me? You don’t do that, you get inspiration from photos, art, culture, etc. But not from logos. What a disappointment, but I guess it’s true what they say: Everything that goes around, comes around


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