Apple No-Innovative Features

apple 2015 features design applemusic windows myfopinion.jpg

So today apple announced its “new features” for its devices, and everyone is amazed as always… everyone but me. I really hate when people applaud apple for doing these innovations without knowing it has been done before. Take a look:

1.- The multiple windows in the iPad has been on android since before. For example, you can watch youtube and do other things in other apps, the same thing that apple is now releasing.

2.- #applemusic is just like Spotify, music streaming playlists, and artists getting paid, and the Spotify CEO knows it because he just tweets about it.

3.- The “News” of apple is just like Flipboard, like the same, even the layout is similar.

4.- The split view of #osxelcapitan is the same feature that Windows released in windows 7 in 2009.

So what do you think? I know they announced other things, but these caught my attention because it is the same!



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