Autozone Repackaging – by VPHO Design

Vinh Pho, industrial designer with an emphasis in strategic thinking, branding and experience design, created a packaging and rebranding concept for the famous retailer of automotive parts and accessories: “Autozone”.

According to Vinh, the design combines an exhilarating experience with expressions simplicity and professionalism, all based in six attributes: simple, professional, inviting, accessible, established, mobile; and I think he achieved it.

Auto Zone Packaging rebranding Vinh Pho 5

Let’s start with a fast critic about the rebranding design and then I’ll talk about the main reason of this post. The use of helvetica is bah! generic! and I don’t know why the wordmark is tilted. What I kind of like is the reduction of the colors to orange and gray, and the simplicity of the information design, big and bold typography never fails when you want to do something simple.

Ok, so the reason of why I didn’t criticize with detail the redesign of the brand is because the main thing of this project is obviously the packaging design, is so different from the typical plastic packaging that scream mechanical, this one is so subtle and sexy with those curves that I wouldn’t mind if people see me buying car oil, I would actually Instagram it.

Maybe the packaging of the wrenches and drying cloth isn’t that out of the box, but it certainly looks great. But God! I felt in love with that oil and microfiber pads (this turned kind of weird haha). And I know you may say that we are graphic designers and is very difficult to design a package as the oil one, and maybe that’s true, but my point here is that we are experiencing a trend where most of the designers and agencies are filling brands with custom generic packaging; I mean they buy a cardboard boxes or kraft paper bags and just stamp them with a logo or a neon colored sticker and boom! There’s your package design. Sorry dudes, but that’s not packaging design.

I understand that it is always easier and cheaper for designers and customers do this kind of thing, but there is always the possibility of designing special packaging for the brand to give it more value; maybe not as difficult to produce as the oil bottle, but c’mon of course we can do the microfiber pads packing with cardboard, it is a simple template.

Maybe in the professional world of business creating packaging isn’t the first option because of the time and money it requires, but at college, and this one goes to all the graphic design students: Experiment! Design! Go crazy! It’s your time to develop these skills and create unique packaging, let the generic ones as a last resource, some teachers are going to question you about the possibilities of doing it in the real world, but who cares, you will have a lot of time to worry about those problems when you deal with real clients.

 But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

Auto Zone Packaging rebranding Vinh Pho 1 Auto Zone Packaging rebranding Vinh Pho 4Auto Zone Packaging rebranding Vinh Pho 3Auto Zone Packaging rebranding Vinh Pho 6  Auto Zone Packaging rebranding Vinh Pho 2


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