The Designer Who Emailed APA

We’ve all seen those articles where designers answer clients and random people with the truth, saying that their work is not free and they deserve to be valued, and I understand that, but this message you are about to read is another level. And I know this is not a project review, but is about design, so… whatever.

So this Mexican designer decided to send a message to APA Style, yes, the American Psychological Association that forces us to make the bibliographies and reports in a certain way using Arial 12 and 1.5 of spacing. But why does she do that? Well apparently in one of her classes she didn’t use that format and the professor gave her a bad grade, so as we all do when this happens she decided to complain directly to APA, obviously right? … Not.

See for yourself.

apa mail graphic designer my f opinion

What do you think? I did feel her feeling of worry and she gave them a lesson in editorial design and typography, something I really don’t think APA cares about. But really, who does that? It is true that I hate to use the 12pts for a printed design because it is huge, and also that the 1.5 spacing isn’t the best, but the truth is that the APA style always helped me investigate less and make my essays seem as I searched a lot. But being honest, it is true that their style isn’t good, and finally someone let them know.

Something positive about this message is that she let them know that their style make us spend a lot of paper that ultimately ends up in the trash, but I think that point was only to make her opinion look more interesting, and it kind of worked. And I say “kind of” because I think she is still waiting for a response, too bad for her.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.


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