Lexmark Rebrand – By Moving Brands

Lexmark is joining the rebranding revolution with the help of ‘Moving Brands’, an independent, global creative company (as they describe themselves) with offices in London, Zürich, and the United States.

Lexmark is mostly known for its printing products, however since 2010 the company has acquired several software companies different from the printing field; that’s why they have decided to make a change in their identity to show its different services and positioning as a global technology company.

lexmark new logo moving brands my f opinion

The new identity has nothing to do with the past one, even though they are trying too hard to make the connection between them. The general concept of the new image is the focus since according to the official website of Lexmark the brand understands the value of information and captures what is important, timely and correct.The new green symbol is the evolution of the traditional Lexmark red diamond, reflects the aperture into information clarity and represents the idea of a lens, of a portal to insight, a means of focus, discovery, clarity, and precision. Wait what? All that? It only needs to also represent world peace.

For me the diamond is lost, the symbol ended up being something that resembles the aperture of cameras, something they don’t even produce. The only positive thing I see is that now they have a symbol that can be used separately and a form that can be used as a complement, as we can see in their microsite, but not in the stationary or other elements, they just pasted the logo everywhere. (btw, sorry for the instagram images, Moving Brands hasn’t uploaded the project to its website)

Now let’s see the color, from red to green, from spiderman to hulk. The green colour represents the focus of Lexmark on sustainability and growth, as well as its commitment to serve its “customers for life”. I think this color move wasn’t a good idea, even though I don’t think red when I think of Lexmark, the red color was something that already identifies them,  it was the color that highlighted in their brand.

And finally, the part that many typographers hate: the bespoke wordmark. The typography features share the angular shapes of symbol in order to create a harmony between both of them (features also found on the cool icons of the website, I’m always about iconography, sorry). Although typography is something weird because it is so structured, for me is not bad, it is more refreshing than last one with the office mood, but I have to say that certainly the “x” stands out from the other letters and is the focal point.

In conclusion, as it always happens with the redesigns of renown brands, it is always a topic of discussion and a ‘sea’ of different opinions. For me this new identity is one of those that at the beginning you reject because it is so different from the previous, but gradually you start liking it because it is not bad; don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t change my opinion that the brand lost its essence, that’s why at the end of the post I’m leaving an attempt by a designer who tried to keep the essence of the brand in the new image, I think it would have been good choice.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

lexmark new logo moving brands my f opinion 52 web lexmark new logo moving brands my f opinion 5lexmark new logo moving brands my f opinion 2lexmark new logo moving brands my f opinion 1 web lexmark new logo moving brands my f opinion 5 1 web lexmark new logo moving brands my f opinion 5lexmark new logo moving brands my f opinion 7

What do you think of this attempt of a random designer? For me it looks nice.lexmark new logo moving brands my f opinion 4


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