#PullCustomVans – By Pull&Bear

#PullCustomVans is a collaboration between the clothing brand Pull & Bear and four international artists. I’ve been posting a lot of branding projects, but graphic design isn’t all about that, so here is one for all my fellow illustrators. For a few years now collaborations between brands and artists of all kinds has become very popular, but don’t think this is only for the pleasure of creating new designs and different things, it is really part of a strategy.

michela picchi-pullcustomvans-by-pull-bear

It is true that collaborations are nothing new, most of the renowned brands have done it before, but at that time it wasn’t that easy to get as much exposure as it is now with social media. Nowadays is much more common to see collaborations between singers with clothing brands, music festivals with bloggers, graphic designers with drinks, and a lot more, but as I said before, all with a purpose beyond the aesthetic, which can be to attract new customers, to renew their image, to help each other to become more popular, and even to avoid bankruptcy.

This time Pull & Bear, on the occasion of the reopening of its store in Citadium, Paris, the clothing brand contacted 4 different international artists (Michela Picchi, Shoboshobo, Martina Paukova, and Kyle Platts) to unleash their creativity and use vans as their white canvas, vans similar to the ones that decorate the P&B newest stores and that will be traveling through the streets of Paris promoting the new store. This action perhaps in order to attract new people with different tastes and to adapt the brand to new young market.

Each artist had the freedom to make whatever they wanted with whatever they wanted, what made the results very eye candy and interesting, all very different between them and created with a variety of materials and different design processes, but all made with the same passion and love for design.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

cover_1_michelapicchi #PullCustomVans - By Pull & Bear#PullCustomVans - By Pull & Bear michelapicchi
cover_2_shoboshobo #PullCustomVans - By Pull & Bearshoboshobo michela pullcustomvans-by-pull-bear my f opinion
cover_3_martinapaukova #PullCustomVans - By Pull & Bearmartina paukova pullcustomvans-by-pull-bear my f opinion
kyle platts pullcustomvans-by-pull-bear my f opinionkyle platts 2 pullcustomvans-by-pull-bear my f opinionpullcustomvans-by-pull-bear my f opinion 1pullcustomvans-by-pull-bear my f opinion 2pullcustomvans-by-pull-bear my f opinion


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