Photoshop 25th – By

Photoshop, the magic tool for image editing, is celebrating 25 years of existence this 2015 and, the website dedicated to video tutorials, knows it and that’s why they decided to make a tribute to this Adobe App.

photoshop 25 lynda tribute anniversary

So, I was looking for another project to write about as always and as I did, I came across this web page that celebrates photoshop, and I really liked it, but didn’t know whether to post it because normally I speak and criticize projects and I don’t want to be another inspiration blog, but I thought: ‘Dude, is your blog, you can put whatever you want and like’ (Yes, I speak to myself in third person) so here it is, a post for you to learn something. I feel like the Mother Teresa of graphic design, helping others, jk.

The Photoshop tribute is a site composed of videos, obviously, videos ranging from small tutorials, stories of designers who have used photoshop, the creative process of artists, and the part that caught my attention, the photoshop evolution.

I don’t understand why for many friends photoshop is very complicated to use, for me it has always been easy (I’m not Mr. photoshop but I kno ma things). If you find it difficult nowadays you have no idea how hard it was before its creation. The following video shows Sean Adams creating a magazine ad in the old way, using tools that I didn’t even know existed, the process he uses can be done in an hour nowadays, but in the past it could last for days.

The video is a little long, but worth it, at first it seems very basic, but I promise you that by minute 6 you’ll have learned something new and by minute 8 you’ll be surprised.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

photoshop 25 lynda tribute anniversary4photoshop 25 lynda tribute anniversaryphotoshop 25 lynda tribute anniversary7photoshop 25 lynda tribute anniversary10photoshop 25 lynda tribute anniversary8photoshop 25 lynda tribute anniversary9photoshop 25 lynda tribute anniversary11


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