Coca Cola redesign and “One Brand” Strategy

Coca Cola is changing and harmonising its image in Europe, creating a universal identity for all of its brands, Coca-Cola, Coke Zero (Free), Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Life.But don’t think this change is just for looking better, Coca Cola decided to make this change because they have realised that sales are going down in some of its brands.

coca cola redesign coke rebranding one brand3

The marketing director, Bobby Brittain, states that the main reason for making this change is because people don’t know the difference between the four versions of this iconic drink (I’m one of those), that’s why the new image will focus on showing the characteristics of each product, but pointing out that they are all part of the same brand.

The new image will be the same for all brands and consists of the elements that represent the brand worldwide: the red colour, the wavy white stripe and the iconic typography. Each variant will have its own color that will make it easier to identify them, black for coke zero, silver for the diet coke, and green for Coca Cola Life, along with a brief description to understand their differences.

For some reason Spain will have its own design that is different from the one launching in other countries like the UK and the USA, maybe is because they have a coke named zero free, or maybe is because they know how to make great design. I like what they did in the Spanish version, I think the design is very clean and works well in all versions, perhaps for me it is aligned to much to the top, but nothing to die for. On the other hand, I don’t like what they did in the English version, even though it is the same layout I think they put a lot of information and by giving its own color to each can breaks the union they wanted to achieve.

Another strategy of this new change is that every product will not be taken as a different brand with its own values ​​and personality, now all communication visuals will be as one brand, the Coca-Cola brand, a plan where all variants will support each other. Sorry women that means you are not longer watching muscular models and Marc Jacobs in the diet coke ads.

The new campaigns are based on three representing pillars of the brand, the ads will focus on the emotions, as the happiness campaign of red coke, and will show the four variants of the drink in the same ad reinforcing the difference between them, plus a new sign of four bottles united by the “Choose Happiness” strapline.

With this change, the company aims to increase its sales, Brittain mentioned that by making people more aware of the choices they have and showing them the benefits of each one will make the buy more products in a smart way. This plan will be launched first in some European countries and depending on the result they may consider launching it in other continents, I hope Spain gives better results than the UK, for the good of the design.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

coca cola redesign coke rebranding one brand-02coca cola redesign coke rebranding one brand-03coca cola redesign coke rebranding one brand-01coca-cola-trademarkcoca_cola_marca_unica_full_familycoca_cola_marca_unica_family_extensionscoca cola redesign coke rebranding one brandGood-Things-Come-In-Fours-WIP-Ad-Imagecoca cola redesign coke rebranding one brand7


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