Who wore it better? – Marca Negra vs Paco García

Today we have a battle between two alcoholic beverages, wine against mezcal (mexican spirit), the first designed by the entrepreneurs themselves, and the second one designed by the Mexican design studio “Sociedad Anónima”. My friend M always tells me that I have the gift of finding everything online, and I’m starting to believe it. While I was doing my daily research I came across this bottle of wine called Paco Garcia, which inevitably reminded me of the bottle of mezcal “Mano Negra”, for obvious reasons. Let’s know more of each one to decide who wore it better, of course it’s obvious who wins, but a little story never killed nobody.

paco garcia marca negra mezcal vino

At first I was like “They copy the design!”, but who?. I can’t ensure that is a copy, but for me it’s almost impossible that they had the same visual result and the same idea of putting a black handprint on the label. So as time never lies I decided to investigate which one was launched first, “Marca Negra” has been in the market since the late 2010, and Paco García, well, it saw the light one year later in late 2011. So… what do you think?

If time isn’t enough for you, let’s see the meaning of the hand on each brand. The handprint from “Marca Negra” has a very clear reason, originally the brand was called “Mano negra” (black hand) so it makes perfect sense, but “Sociedad Anónima” wanted to give it a deeper meaning than that; the handprint also represents the hand of the master distiller, the hand of the worker and the hand of the seeker of true mezcal.

Now let’s see what the wine has to offer. The handprint of “Paco Garcia” is the hand of the founder, which represents the family labor, the artisan, and the hard work of the human hand in the field and in the winemaking. It is also a tribute to the founder’s dad and a memory of the entrepreneur’s deceased brother. It really is a very touching explanation, but it is also very similar to the mezcal’s… mmm…

I don’t want to point someone of copying because I can’t assure it, I’m just saying it is a very strange coincidence, so let’s go back to the main reason of this post: Who wore it better? I mean, it’s pretty obvious who wins, the design of the mezcal is better by far, from concept to name, layout, typography, and materials. While Paco García is just a hand repeated everywhere, in the neck of the bottle, in the label and in the cork, so I’ll give Paco a little suggestion, change the hand for a simple fingerprint, and you will have a very personal and different look.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

mezcal-mano-negra 4 mezcal-mano-negra 4 copy paco garcia marca negra mezcal vino 2paco_garcia_crianza_01paco_garcia_crianza_03 copypaco garcia marca negra mezcal vino 4