Juguette – By Firmalt

“Juguette” is the new project developed by Firmalt, a multidisciplinary creative agency based in Monterrey, Mexico. Juguette is a manufacturer of high-end wines of Mexican and Australian origin, the brand’s essence conveys a sense of playful luxury, therefore the name is a mix between the word juguete (toy) and coquette. The identity is composed by a basic color palette in combination with a bright red, patterns inspired by toys, and a bespoke typeface that combines the elegance and joy of the brand.


Come on Firmalt!, What happened?, I thought you guys were climbing the mountain, and I was starting to believe that you were awesome with your design for Roma 23 and Atelan, but apparently you decided to jump off the cliff with this typography design.

Ok, the brochure is fine, the cards are fine, the packaging and page are not that fine, but by God! that type is very badly done, it is worse than my typographical hybrids I used to make at college. It is so weird, it’s like if the letters had been pulled and stretched, the curves are bad traced and all characters have a different direction, from the “E” onwards it seems that the letters want to go up, but the other half is not very convinced of that, definitely the “G” is not going up, it is like: “No girl, I’m not going that way, I’m staying here”.

It may not be so noticeable if the type was smaller, but it is huge and everywhere, is the main thing of the identity and its no helping. Congratulations for trying to make a unique typography, but it didn’t come out quite right. If you don’t control it, don’t consume it.

And just to top off, two things: if they wanted to project some elegance in a way, I think a printed cardboard box doesn’t help to transmit that feeling, and finally the website design is another world, is like a template where they only added the logo, the pictures and colors of the brand. Oh! btw, I don’t wanna be rude, I like the textures and simplicity of the cards and labels.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

02_ 01_  05_08_10_03_Home2015+02+25-JU-Web1


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