The Academy Awards 2015 – By Elastic & Henry Hobson

The 87th Academy Awards were this past Sunday, and I could not wait to see them, not only for the red carpet and winners, but to see if this years package design could overcome the ones from last year made by Mill + ( It seems that this year everyone noticed the graphic design in the sequences of the Oscars, they are saying it was the best of the night, I’m sorry Neil. The design/production house “Elastic” and the designer Henry Hobson were the ones that overshadow Neil with the design of the Nomination Package.

Henry isn’t new, he has worked since 2009 in this event, this year he tried to highlight the uniqueness of each category and to push it forward by not using just clips from the movies (that’s what he said), which I think is very difficult because everything comes from there and maybe that’s why they couldn’t fully do it, but the result in the ones where they really did are amazing, like in Best Costume Design, Best Production Design, and Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

I must admit that to convey the best of a film without showing the video clips is very difficult, but ignoring the section of best performances I think the other ones have a lot of potential, I know it’s difficult, but that’s what we do.

While some screens were somewhat flat, others really caught my attention like the synthesis and transitions in the best movie category, the perfectly aligned objects of the nominees for best Production Design and the costumes shown as if they were on a display in the section for best Costume Design, this is what I wanna see, something different and simple that captures the essence of the movies and categories, showing the components of each section and how they worked to get to the final result, I don’t want to see the final result of video or sound editing because it’s like watching the movie, I want to see the process and hard work of the editors, designers, producers.. in order to understand what they do and why they are nominated, not all of us are experts in cinematography.

Elastic and Henry also designed the “In Memoriam” sequence, where they also wanted to make something different from the past editions so they decided to intervene the still frames with illustrations. I’m not completely sure about this design, it looks great and it was a risk, but I don’t know if that’s they way you want to remember them, some images were overedited I prefer to remember them how they really were and looked like.

It was a good year for graphics, but not the best as some writers say, I still like more some animations from last year than from this one.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

oscar design graphic 2015 oscar design graphic 2015

oscar design graphic 2015 oscar design graphic 2015 oscar design graphic 2015 oscar design graphic 2015 oscar design graphic 2015.jpg oscar design graphic 2015 oscar design graphic 2015 oscar design graphic 2015


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