The Academy Awards 2014 – By The Mill+

The awards season is almost over, and it’s ending this weekend with the Acadamy Awards, and as always everyone is excited for the movies, red carpets and fashion, but let’s not forget about graphic design that in each event is present.I had always wondered who designs and creates the whole concept of each year for the Oscars, and I finally found it.

Mill+, a creative studio based in the USA and UK focusing on originating and developing work tailored to any media brief (that’s what they say), for the 3rd time in a row was in charge for the2014 Academy Awards Show Package design for both The Oscars’ broadcast and the live theatrical experience, along with the beautiful work for the “In Memoriam” sequence and the Nominations Package, which are the animations and videos that appear on each category

The concept behind the Show Package was the beam of light, which represents the projector beam, a sense of heroism and greatness, and the feeling of an actor stepping out onto a stage. I really liked how they used this concept to match the new identity of the Academy, which is based on the triangle, and the elegance and classiness they gave to this design, showing the importance of these awards. Perhaps in the screens where they show the faces of the nominees and in the lower third with the names was to the safe, I think they could have done something more interesting with the light beam in these parts, but the work is magnificent.

They also designed the stage experience where they placed Oscar statuettes of different sizes made of “glass” in order to produce a mirror effect. This part disappointed me a little bit because I think the effect is not completely there and the figurines were somewhat opaque, if they had been completely translucent and with this color effect which glass creates it would have been pretty amazing.

My favorite part of these project is the design of nominees animations, I think these are my favorite designs for the Oscars so far, they captured the essence of each nomination and reflected it perfectly, they gave its due place to each category and created a story for each one. The way the sketches of the costumes and stage are animated and the unique design of each nominated film that captures the whole story in simple image is wonderful; perhaps they are all very different from each other, but they all share the concept of their origin.

And last, but not least is the “In Memoriam” sequence, this animation was inspired by ink which allowed to design a delicate aesthetic and organic transitions in order to create an emotional journey. This sequence is much more serious and elegant that the Nominations Package (as it should be), but it is still perfectly designed and animated, the ink was an excellent way to unite all pictures and videos that have very different styles and moods.

I cannot wait to see the stage, animations, and designs for this year. I don’t know who were responsible for the 2015 Academy Awards, but they do have a very high bar to overcome.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.




86th Oscars, Telecast 86th Oscars, Telecast






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