A Designer’s Life: Valentines Day Edition

Today is Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, the day when everyone is in love and buy gifts for their beloved ones, that’s why I decided to make a special section titled “A designer’s Life: Valentines Day Edition”.


We all know those cliché gifts for this day: chocolates, flowers, letters… and of course all those red products filled with hearts that apparently all stores have. That’s why here are my recommendations to convert those typical gifts into something more valuable, made by designers for designers.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

First write her a romantic letter, but don’t you ever do it in those predesigned Hallmark cards, instead, make a beautiful hand lettering quote, like Noel Shiveley, and for sure she will love it.

Noel Shiveley handlettering

Then, while you’re on your way to pick her up make a stop at the pop-up store of “24 Flower” and buy a beautiful fresh flower bouquet perfectly packed on this beautiful and simple packaging designed by ZOZ, an Amsterdam design studio.

24Flower-042 24Flower-023

After buying her flowers, go to the grocery store next to de flower shop and buy a “Two of a kind” chocolate, designed by the new Zealand graphic designers Ryan Romanes and Alice Lo, which has a “2” representing the two people who love each other (or at least that’s why you can say).

f7e8431adc613ad76d06c72849bbdfc5 417e57c09d01d75f5062716967e918ad

Then go to her (his) home and while you are having the delicious dinner she cooked for you with all her love, pull down the stars for her with this “Meteor” merlot wine designed by WORK Labs, a brand agency located in Richmond, Virginia.

meteor-merlotwhite-fences-vineyard2 meteor-merlotwhite-fences-vineyard


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