Helvetia Trust – by Anagrama

Helvetia Trust” is a Swiss-Mexican financial banking firm offering business integration services with a global focus, the design was created by “Anagrama” a Mexican design studio based in Monterrey, Mexico. I don’t know if Anagrama read something I wrote or its just coincidence that this time they decided to do something different from its style (usually full of finishes like foil and metallics). In this project they decided to use the Swiss design basics, which goes from the name inspired by the female national personification of Switzerland to the typography and color selection, in order to reflect the influence of this country on business.

Helvetia Trust06

And maybe you might think “What are you going to criticize if the Swiss design always works?” Ding ding ding !! Hey there the key point, can not fault the Swiss design because it really never going to look bad, but I think this time they were very literal and went to the safe in its design, is as if they said “Oh! the company is from Switzerland let’s do Swiss design” Very clever right…

Let’s start with the positive things… I really like they go into a different direction and avoid all the foil thing, this design will never look bad or trendy, I love the engraving of the letterhead which perfectly complements the printed text, and I also like the color over color they used on the business cards that always looks good.

Now the negative things, and I don’t want to offend Switzerland because it is very embodied in the design, I mean… the symbol is the flag of the country (super original… not). The problem I see is that it looks a little generic, and for a person who doesn’t know about design it may seem like something else. Ok, I’ll go straight to the point … “This branding is perfect for a Red Cross blood donation campaign” If I see that shirt with the logo I would think they are running for the cure of some disease. It’s too much red!, maybe they could have used a complimentary color to avoid this red cross feeling, or they could have applied the Swiss style in a few things and not in everything in order to make it less obvious and literal.

 But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

Helvetia Trust02 Helvetia Trust04Helvetia Trust05 Helvetia Trust07Helvetia Trust08Helvetia Trust09 Helvetia Trust03   Helvetia Trust  Helvetia Trust10


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