The Cut – By Carl Pendle

“The Cut” is a stop motion animation created by Carl Pendle, a freelance lifestyle photographer and videographer of food and travel objects based in Sussex, UK. The animation shows different vegetablesand fruits changing their shapes with each cut, it took 3 days, 1,000 shots, and a sound design to create the final piece.

I’ve been always amazed of how perfect is nature, somehow it has a symmetry, a variety of colors, textures, which digitally sometimes is impossible to recreate, that’s why sometimes we say that phrase “nature beats photoshop”. We don’t need to go to beautiful landscapes or distant places to appreciate it, this natural perfection is even in the fruits and vegetables; I had already noticed that when you cut fruits in half they create these interesting figures, however, I never thought of create something from there. With this video I realized that in the simplest things can be great inspiration.

 But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

naranja coli cebolla  papa manza


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