NZ Artesian Water – By Marx Design

Marx Design, a studio specialised in graphic design based in New Zealand, was tasked to create a luxurious and exclusive brand of still and sparkling water for upscale restaurants across China and New Zealand.The result is a premium identity and packaging that appeals to both countries, which is inspired by the historical stamps highly decorated of New Zealand.


The reason I chose this project, besides being a beautiful package, it’s because I feel that we are in a time where every designer wants to make simple things or break the rules of design, but not everything has to be like that. Marx decided to go in a completely different way from what new brands of water have been used in NZ, like the minimalism of “Antipodes”, and the result was something amazing.

I understand that we are in an era where minimalism has become very common and in graphic design it has been a need to create simple identities by the fact that sometimes they should be used in digital media in  small spaces, but we don’t have to forget that there are other techniques, so once in a while it’s good to look back and take references and inspiration from different resources and maybe it can give to your project a new value.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

2-NZAW_1200 4-NZAW_1200 5-NZAW_1200 3-NZAW_12001898_pictorial_2_pence_halfpenny_blue_(Lake_Wakitipu)


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