2015 Super Bowl Commercials

Here comes again that time of year where all the creative minds watch television, not for the Superbowl match, but for the commercials that have become a tradition of this event and a million dollar business for tv, since a 30-second ad during the Superbowl this year cost $4.5 million. This price has made that some brands who previously used this platform to advertise their product have chosen to not do it anymore, leaving space for some new brands that appeared this year.


This year we saw some new things, the popularity of #hashtags was present in almost all of the campaigns in order to make the brands a trending topic, moreover new products which in past years we never thought they could advertise on tv were the ones who bet the most on production this year, I’m talking about the mobile games. On the other hand, many brands decided to honor daddies instead of mommies, a decision that seems clever since in past years moms were the protagonists of several ads.

And because I know you want to see the ads and stop reading, here are my top commercials of these years Super Bowl prime time. And, I’m sorry Coca Cola, Budweiser and Always didn’t make the cut.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

Chevrolet – Super Bowl Black out
Making Fun of the Super Bowl blackout in New Orleans. Watch on full screen, you’ll see why. 

Esurance – Sorta Your Mom
Watch out! Lindsay is back… really, Watch out!!!

BMW i3 – Newfangled Idea
There is no need to explain it. (ba dum tss)

Snickers – The Brady Bunch
I never saw this series, but this is ad is well done.

T-Mobile – Kim Kardashian
I can’t let Kim out, iI don’t want Kanye to punch me in the face.

Nationwide – Invisible Mindy
Maybe I’ll try this one day.

McDonalds – Pay With Lovin’
I told you, McDonalds is starting to sell love. You heard it here first. 

Fiat – Pay Blue Pill
My favorite of this season!

Toyota – My Bold Dad
More dad, more tears. :’)

Clash of Clans – Revenge
I guess there is a lot of money in the mobile game industry because they hired Liam Neeson. (And it is also a Taken 3 commercial) 

T-Mobile – WiFi Calling
I love Chelsea that’s why she is in the list.

Jeep – Beautiful Lands
The commercial reminds me of the one that Coca Cola did last year and caused a lot of controversy.

Mophie – All Powerless
Some people really feel this way when their phones die. Btw, I think they couldn’t afford to pay Morgan Freeman.

Mercedes Benz – Fable
Turning something classic to modern always works.


And just because I know you want to watch them, here are the Budweiser, Always and Coke commercials.

Budweiser – Lost Dog
Enough with the puppy, I know it worked last year but for me this commercial is the same thing as last years. 

Always – Like a Girl
So everyone is talking about this commercial and I don’t know why, I  mean the message is great but it was launched seven months before the Super Bowl, so for me it’s no fair for those who really made a commercial for the actual event.

Coca Cola – Make it Happy
Really nice message, but too fake… Let me pour some coke on my computer to see what happens. Sorry, this time Mc Donald’s do it better selling feelings.


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