La Fábrica del Taco Makeover – By Bosque Estudio

Bosque Estudio, graphic design studio based in Argentina, worked together with “La Fábrica del Taco”, Estudio 1431, and local artists in the new look for this restaurant, which was at first branded by “Anagrama”.


As I say “A little refresh never killed nobody” and LFDT apparently knows it, because just five years after Anagrama designed their branding they decided to gave the restaurant a new look forgetting about what the Mexican studio did, and only keeping the logo and basic elements.

The new image takes to whole new level the Mexican folklore, something that in the previous identity was maintained subtly. I have mixed feelings about it, I kind of like it but hate it. On the one hand I see it as a graphic designer and it’s too much, there is many saturation of elements in print media, in the interior design, in the tasteless decoration, in everywhere, it is as if they had put into a blender everything they know about Mexico.  I know they didn’t want to create a simple and static brand, and thats why everything is different, but I feel they needed a limit. Each element is strong by itself and works fine separately, for example: in the back of the menu, in the aprons, or in the wall of tiles (which I loved), but when you put them all together it becomes a disaster because everything is different and there is no system.

On the other hand, I would love to visit the restaurant, it is one of those places that when you go it surprises you and puts you in a good mood, making you want to see everything there and stay more, and I know it may be a cliché for Mexicans but abroad I think it works and as a Mexican I would make laugh and feel at home because it truly reflects the popular culture of my country, from the slangs to the decoration of the place.

I agree that is a very funny identity and full of life, which the last one didn’t have at all, and has great potential for growth outside the restaurant and become a brand of products, but first they have to establish a system to manage the brand so it can always look the same.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

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2 thoughts on “La Fábrica del Taco Makeover – By Bosque Estudio

  1. Hola Fernando, describiste muy bien la intención del proyecto. Como Mexicanos viviendo en el exterior la idea central fue mostrar y reinterpretar una parte de la extensa cultura popular mexicana usando como medio “El Taco” y “Las Taquerias”. El reto de “Team Fábrica WorkShop” (TFWS-La agencia creativa de LFDT) fue dirigir, aprovechar y potenciar el estilo de estudios como “BOSQUE”, “1431” más artistas locales y así generar una nueva impronta para la marca, refrescando de esta manera el gran trabajo realizado con anterioridad por “ANAGRAMA” y “NRMAL”. Te invitamos a visitarnos, comer unos ricos tacos y disfrutar la experiencia de La Fábrica Del Taco.
    Dir. Creativo / LFDT


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