Apos² Office – By Apostrophy’s

The Thai multidisciplinary studio “Apostrophy’s” located in Bangkok, Thailand, decided to renovate their offices by themselves and transform them into a monochromatic spaces.


The house is divided into three floors, the first one is the reception with an energising red color to stimulate the staff; the second floor is the work area and is full of blue to create a calm environment; and finally the 3rd floor with a radiant yellow to help create ideas, which is the brainstorming and meeting room.

To me this is like when you see something you love on Pinterest because it looks so perfect and beautiful, and you are like “Should I try it or not?”. What I mean is that the offices are really nice and have this magazine feeling, but I think if I spend a lot of time there I would end up crazy, and more in the yellow room that is so bright that for sure will make my selfies look bad (jk). But if I’m invited to work with them for sure I accept.

Seeing it from a graphic designer perspective, I love the Pantone bar at the entry and the color transition on the stairs, I think the quotes are a good idea because they always help encourage people, but I feel that some of them do not have the best typesetting and perhaps they abused a little using them everywhere and very close to each other, I would just keep the ones from the door and the main ones of the wall.

Making a comparison of before and after the redesign, before it looked like a spa hotel combined with the college dorms (they even had a bed), and now I like that it has a more professional office look that says, “We are designers”. I think the perfect combination would have been to keep something of the relaxing atmosphere with wooden floors and plants they had before, and add the order, color and perfection of the new design, but not everywhere. What you rather? The spa or the rainbow? I choose the spa so I can feel relax and criticize less. Ooommm!

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

150117_apos2_24150117_apos2_23150117_apos2_25150117_apos2_20150117_apos2_10 150117_apos2_11  150117_apos2_16150117_apos2_18150117_apos2_17aposyellowoffice150117_apos2_21


ao01 ao03   ao10  ao14 apostrophys-sofficezone21ao15

 Then and Now



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