Mikser Festival – By Lorem Ipsum Studio

“Lorem Ipsum”, an independent design studio based in Belgrade, Serbia, had the task to create a new image for the “Mikser Festival” in 2012. This festival is the largest regional festival of creativity, with special focus on the multidisciplinary projects.Based on the concept of improvisation, one of the most notorious qualities of the festival (that’s what they said, I’ve never been there, invite me), the Serbian studio created more than 100 images outcome of playing with a scanner, in order to reflect the transformation that Mikser had that year.


I must admit that I’m not a huge fan of this new wave of design studios who want to do things that were once frowned upon and break the rules with no reason. However this project although it breaks with “convectional” it has a concept that supports it, and it also has a balance between the classy and trendy.

This balance is one of the reasons why I chose this project, all these exotic images were placed in a unique layout with the intention of creating a stronger identity, and even though the images are strong enough to let everyone know that are from the festival, they had to create a design that would unite all applications and also inform clearly. This is like fashion, if you show legs you don’t show boobs, if you design something crazy you match it with something more neutral. Or if you want to go Gaga, go all the way.

Finally, I must condemn then for using Helvetica. Why helvetica?! it’s so cliché to everything that has to do with creativity and design, they could have used something similar, but not helvetica. And lastly, a round of applause because they used tools beyond photoshop and illustrator, they used the scanner to create these images which digitally wouldn’t have had the same result, I invite you to use new techniques, not all is vectors.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

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