Carl’s Jr Au Naturel – By 72andsunny

The new “Carl’s Jr Goes Au Naturel Commercial for the Super Bowl” was released yesterday and has received a lot of attention, and of course I had to talk about it. 

I’ve always said that Carl’s Jr is the only brand that can make a greasy burger look sexy, and I’m not mistaken. In this new ad, produced by the agency “72andSunny”, we see Charlotte McKinney walking “naked” through a fresh farmer’s market where conveniently different fruits, vegetables and objects cover heir great assets, before “eating” the burger (We all know she doesn’t eat that).

I’m surprised that this ad had caused controversy because that’s what they’ve always done, from Paris Hilton washing her car, to Kim Kardashian suggestively eating a juicy salad, and Kete Upton almost having an orgasm in her car. But this is not the reason of why I’m talking about it, but the following.

While everyone else is admiring the perfect body and sensuality of Charlotte, I put my attention on some other things. The first one: The Carl’s Jr bag mistake. At first I thought that the burger at the end came from nowhere, but then I noticed that throughout the video McKinney has it in his hands, both of them, at the beginning she has her left hand empty and then magically she has the bag in that hand. But I can forgive this because she could have changed the bag from her right hand to the left one since she is a human being.

What I cannot forgive is the next big mistake. At the end of the video we realised that in fact she is not naked, but wearing a mini bikini, the wrong one. The director didn’t notice that this bikini has straps and during the video the straps disappeared (and also does the shorts), I want to think that he did it on purpose in order for us to think that she was really naked, but this could have been solved with a simple strapless bikini. But who cares about that, right? She is hot and the ad is funny.

 But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

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