Deerz – By Eskimo

Eskimo, design studio based in Russia, re-branded “Deerz” an online store dedicated mainly to sell sweaters and pullovers with Scandinavian patterns.The objective was to create a unique monochrome logotype and sign, which could have adaptability for wide variety of goods, and boy they did it!


This is a clear example of how a simple element can create an entire brand. The symbol is so simple, but so well measured and well-done that it doesn’t need any more, it matches the typography created especially for the brand (extra point for this), and I love the variety of meanings and representations that it has, at first glance it is the abstraction of the sweater stitches, but it also is the head of the deer, and it also is the deer hoof when you separate each stitch, isn’t that cool?

And it is not only the symbol, it is the essence of the whole design, it is present in all the applications, which are so simple, but work perfectly and are so good looking that there is no much to criticize. I’m fascinated with the die cutting of the box that lets you see the design of the sweater and that gives color and life to the packaging as it is very sober and neutral for the use of cardboard, which for me is already a cliché for brands that want to give a natural and ecological identity. As for the cards and labels, I like how they used the same information design as in the box (centered text), that maybe it might seem repetitive, but somehow each piece has its own personality and create a homogeneous system.

I found very clever the decision they made of designing the icons of the sweater care instructions and not using the basic ones from stock because by designing them they had the opportunity of adding these funny icons without looking so different from the other ones… but what it does look different, are the illustrations used in the box and label, I admit they are pretty, but for me they break the system and make the brand look childish, its like they loved the illustrations and wanted to use them somehow.

To compensate the misuse of the illustrations, I saved the best for last: The inner packaging which comes with the sweater. You may be thinking, “What’s the wow factor of that? It is just a pattern”. Wrong!… It is a deer hugging the sweater!! and the tab to pull the sweater out of the box is the tail of the deer! How cute is that! There is a deer hugging your sweater! I died when I saw it and that was enough for me to fall in love with the brand.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

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