Weather app – By Gabriel Nazoa

Forget about that classic icons of the bright sun with lines around and that fluffy cloud, Gabriel Nazoa, Freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director at JWT Paris, took it to another level the abstraction of the weather.


I’m not sure if I am the only one, or if all the designers like things that are simpler, but I love this set of icons designed for a weather app. When would you think that clouds, rain and fog could be represented by simple lines.

I’m surprised at the level of abstraction and how easy these images capture the essence of the different climates, it is true that they are not the most functional icons because you need to see the text to understood it and it is supposed that icons should be understand without explanations. However, it is clever the system Gabriel developed from lines and circles.

Perhaps is not an app for everyone, but I think that people who have perception of design could be very happy to have this app on their phone instead of those applications with 3D animations and images.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.


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