Amado by Hyatt – By Anagrama

‘Amado’ by Hyatt, Mexican artisan bakery and candy boutique, is the new project published by Anagrama, Mexican agency of branding, architecture and software.  According to the website ‘Amado by Hyatt strives to bring together both the romantic and classic spirits of Amado Nervo’s poetry and the modernist style of Mexican architect Luis Barragán’. 


Beautiful description right? But sorry, I don’t buy it. Apparently Anagrama is resting on its laurels, and is trying to convince us that everything they design is good because they are famous.

I recognize that the concept of architecture is very good, and it is reflected in the visual result, both the selection of colours and in the geometry of the background, which I like even if it looks a little crazy unicorn. However, they decided to add over these backgrounds some textures of points, flowers and zig zags in foil (probably to make it look expensive) which saturate the design and rest value to the geometrical arrangement of the colours. Then, they placed a stamp, which I guess is what indicates that the products are handmade, I think it could have been an element to give an extra value. And if that wasn’t enough, they topped the design with that white rectangle of the name and slogan, it seems that they made the packaging first and at the end they did not know how to incorporate the brand.

And what happened to the stationery, is so basic that looks like a college project. And photographs? Where are the amazing pictures with fire, food, flying things… you don’t fool me, these were made at the last minute, perhaps well photographed it would have looked better. For me the last two pictures of the textures, the one of the small dots and the one with the zig zag, are the perfect synthesis of the way they could have used to have an excellent project.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.

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