7TV Rebranding – by Greg Barth

Greg Barth, award winning director, artist and designer from Geneva, Switzerland, was commissioned to give a new look to the Russian channel “7TV” , a channel known as “Do-it yourself channel” (the kind of channel moms like to watch). With a minimal and changing look according to different channel topics, Greg created four different promotional videos that shows the essence of Seven TV.


I know you’ve seen many times this type of perspective design in parking lots, offices and signage, but what caught my attention about this project is that instead of using digital tools to ease the work, Barth and his team chose to do everything by hand, Yes! You heard it right, all elements you see on screen were made and animated by hand, in order to give the feeling of human approach.

There is no need to say more, this project is perfect, from concept to development and outcome. Here is the video of the different identities and a behind the scenes video where they explain the process, it is worth watching. Enjoy!

BTW, he also made a stationery, but is really bad, theres no need to overshadow this amazing animations with that work.

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.


7TV_making_of_pics_720_720 7TV_making_of_pics5_720_720 7TV_making_of_pics11_720_720 7TV_making_of_pics17_720_720


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