Mc Donald’s Makeover – By Leo Burnett

It’s nothing new that brands try to associate with emotions to get closer to the public and be more human, an excellent example is Coca Cola, that after the big scandals about how it affects your health, decided to give a complete twist to the brand selling “happiness” instead of coke. And, it seems that McDonald’s has decided to do the same and sell “love” instead of burgers with fake meat (I’m not saying that this is true).

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 16.04.31

With the help of the agency “Leo Burnett – Chicago” (The same that made the campaign of samsung Mc Donald’s has decided to capitalize on its slogan “I’m lovin ‘it” and promote love by an advertising campaign, perhaps to mend their brand image. The following animation is the first step in this campaign.

This animation was created by the design-driven production company BUCK, and it’s perfect, it is simple, clear, and has a very nice artwork and catchy song. Clearly, this video is aimed at children, why do I say this? Number one, the animation is cartoonish, number two, the use of vivid colors that appeal to kids, and number three because the criticisms that have been made about Mc Donald’s had been mostly heard by young people, children have no idea of what is happening, so by making an animation that attracts children to the restaurant, will make parents take their children to eat there in order to make them happy and avoid the tantrums.

The animation and strategy deserve a round of applause, but being honest I don’t think it will make people change their mind about Mc Donald’s, but I can complain because the visual result is striking.

Furthermore, together with this strategy Mc Donald’s renewed its image with new packaging, photographs and store signage, and is important to say that the study Burnett didn’t design it…  you will see why.


At first I thought, “Yes! Finally, the graphic design team did the right thing” but when I saw it all, I changed my opinion. The bags that are most salvageable thing from all the system, making the typography the spotlight in one face of the bag was a good idea (although the emblem seems to be floating). However, the burgers and fries icons are ugly, nothing to do with the cute illustrations of the animation, these ones are very rigid and take away the gentle essence. If you look closely in one side of the bags are phrases like “When life hands you onions, make a Quarter Pounder”, for me these phrases are clever, but unfortunately they didn’t give them the importance they deserved, this may have been a better option than the icons.


The burger packaging is not right, the colors are mismatched, and the repetition of the same text everywhere steals the focus from the type arrangement, which I guess is the thing they bet on in this new design. As for the fries packaging, well… there is not much to say, is the same design as always, and for that reason it doesn’t match the new identity.


And finally the cups, Oh my God! what happened here, the design is a different thing, in the “normal” sizes they gave more importance to color blocking than to the phrases, while in the giant cup typography is well used, as in the bags, for me this would have been the perfect way to design all cups.


And last, but not least, the new photos. Do you notice anything different? Yup! The burgers are not so perfect, they are much closer to reality. However, they ruined them with the black background, it makes them look very old, like taken away from an American recipe book from the 80s, they should stay with the previous photos where they placed the burgers in more natural environments, at least with that photo style the burgers looked healthy. As for the type use, no words…

In conclusion, excellent campaign, horrible identity, it seems like a mixture of all the ideas they didn’t reject (flat design, color block and big typography).

But well.. at least this is my f opinion.


3 thoughts on “Mc Donald’s Makeover – By Leo Burnett

    1. Hey Xulz, I hadn’t seen that campaign before, it is really similar in concept and execution. I think for oreo it was just another campaign because it has always been a funny brand, but for McDonalds was the start of a new “era” to clean his name, and for me McDonalds video is more touching maybe because it has iconic characters.


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